• Yeti
      • Yeti
        • ​​At home in the city.
        • ​​4x4 Yeti, at home on the trail.
        • Family orientated practicality and rugged 4x4 styling.
        • till416l /1580l
        • from0l/100km
        • from0g/km
  • Rapid
      • Rapid
        • ​A new design language of the ŠKODA brand.
        • ​Elegant clean surfaces and dynamically sharp line.
        • Enormous room and thoughtful features.
        • till550l /1490l
        • from0l/100km
        • from0g/km
  • Octavia
      • Octavia Ambition 1.4 TSI
        Octavia Ambition 1.4 TSI
        • Clear,Precis and timeless design,benchmark in terms of room for occupants and their baggage.​

        • Ennovative Progressive Steering
        • ​​Powerful and Efficient Engines​
      • Octavia Elegance 1.4 TSI
        Octavia Elegance 1.4 TSI
        • The Natural Class of its own

        • ​1.4 TSI/140 hp/103KW
        • ​I​nnovative Progressive steering​
  • Fabia
      • Fabia
        • ​​​​​​​​​​​​Four Spoke steering wheel
        • ​Multi function steering wheel with radio controls
        • ​​Engine Type: 4 cylinder with multi point fuel injection​
  • Superb
      • Superb
        • ​Automatic Parking Assistance


        • ​New Dimension of Sapce & Comfort
        • ​​Multi function 3 spoke leather steering wheel​​

Fabia Features Phase 4


Family's choice with many virtues

Designed for family life

​The ŠKODA Fabia is an elegant compact car with sporty feel. Its dynamic character is enhanced by the clearly bounded glassed-in window surface, which evokes a pilot cabin. Despite its dynamic appearance, ŠKODA‘s small family hatch and estate offer interior spacious enough to handle all your transportation tasks around the town and even country.
Stand out of the crowd
There are many ways your car can be individualised. For instance, you can opt for white or silver roof. Not enough? Browse the range of ŠKODA Genuine Accessories for striking alloy wheels, bespoke styling kit with set of spoilers or sporty stickers to design your Fabia. Your very own Fabia.
Small family car like no other
The Fabia and Fabia Combi deliver a timeless design, typical for the ŠKODA brand, offering a refreshing and visually attractive configuration. Chrome grille and ŠKODA logo contribute to impression of robustness and value, while three-dimensionally shaped headlamps and sleek fog lamps increase the perception of car‘s width.
Friendly face
The Fabia’s front section includes typical ŠKODA features, providing it solid and strong, yet friendly impression. The grille and the three-dimensionally shaped headlamps define the look of the car, their horizontal lines emphasizing the front end’s width.
True ŠKODA genes
​The stylish rear end and the typical C-shaped taillight design shared by all ŠKODA models clearly betray the Fabia’s origins. Thanks to its higher silhouette and 2,465 mm long wheelbase, the Fabia surprises passengers with generous space – both vertically and lengthwise. Large tailgate opens access to 315-litre luggage compartment.
Even more of true ŠKODA genes
While the hatchback stand rather for dynamic expression, the estate body of the Fabia Combi radiates timeless elegance and functionality. Prolonged silhouette enabled to create even more generous spatial conditions for the luggage than in the hatchback. Boot in the ŠKODA‘s small estate pleases families with its 505-litres volume.
SunSet tinted windows
​SunSet consists of tinted windows from the B-pillar back. These protect the passengers in the rear seats from the sun and at the same time provide them with a feeling of greater comfort and privacy.
Enjoy the sky above
The optional tilt/slide sunroof with solar shade makes for lots of daylight in the interior. The glass is tinted black, so only a comfortable amount of light and heat is allowed to enter the vehicle.

Interior in detail

​Just as compelling as its exterior is the Fabia’s interior. The first impression on boarding is a surprise at a space that is generous and airy for its class, especially in the Fabia Combi. The cockpit shows a horizontal layout, clearly conveying optical width. For good ergonomics, the control unit for the air conditioning, radio and other functions has been placed in the middle of the dashboard.
Generous space even in the back
​The Fabia is able to carry whole family with ease. With an interior length of 1,853 mm, there is a plenty of legroom for everyone. The Fabia is generous also regarding the head room: 989 mm is dedicated for the front passengers and 994 mm for the rear ones.
The "Dynamic" sports interior
​Appealing interior with sports seats is the right option for those aiming at dynamic style. Seats and backrests give increased lateral support so that driver can enjoy Fabia‘s agile handling.
Trims and upholstery
Each trim version provides unique atmosphere with specific upholstery and colour combinations for dashboard. The complete range includes two instrument panels in three colour combinations and fourteen seat upholstery and door panel versions.
Steering wheels for every taste
​There are several steering wheel designs for the Fabia. Driver can opt for sporty 3-spoke steering wheel made of PUR or coated with leather, with or without multifunction controls.
Chrome elements
​Restrained chrome elements give the Fabia‘s interior a premium touch. You can find discreet chromed bezels within the instrument cluster, around vents or even knob of DSG automatic gearbox lever.
Power-operated windows and heated wing mirrors
List of comfort features in the Fabia includes items you are used to in its bigger siblings: power-operated windows or central locking. Electrically adjustable wing mirrors can be fitted with heating, useful feature for frosty days.
Interior bicycle holder (for Fabia Combi)
The Fabia Combi is a perfect partner not only for the families, but for the cyclist as well. The interior holder can hold two bikes inside your car, protected from weather, damage or disappearance.


Engines and transmissions available for the Fabia stand for optimum dynamics and good fuel efficiency at the same time. The range includes petrol and diesel units mated with 5-speed manual gearboxes. The 7-speed DSG automatic comes as a standard for the 1.4 TSI/132 kW petrol engine; for the 1.2 TSI/77 kW is an option.


Despite its compact dimensions, the Fabia models offer generous conditions regarding inner space. Rear passengers can enjoy head room 994 mm, front passengers 989 mm; all of them will appreciate above-average longitudinal space. It is partly thanks to long wheelbase 2,465 mm, partly to overall height 1,498 mm. The 5-door Fabia hatchback is generous for the luggage, too. 315 litres in the boot is one of the top values in this segment. Want even more? The 4.2 metres long Fabia Combi can haul 505 litres behind rear seats.


​The Fabia proves clever when it comes to entertainment on board. ŠKODA‘s small family car offers many ways to turn every journey you make into a pleasant and joyful experience.
The GSM II Bluetooth handsfree
​The GSM II handsfree uses wireless Bluetooth technology to provide comfortable and safe telephone use while driving. It enables also A2DP audio streaming and can maintain two simultaneous Bluetooth connections – one for mobile phone and the other for external audio devices.
Multimedia, navigation and communication systems
There are many ways the Fabia can make your day. Step inside and decide, whether you want your car to turn into a concert hall, a communication centre or an expedition base... or all in one?
Amundsen Multimedia Navigation
​The dynamic Amundsen radio/navigation system features convenient control of the radio, communications, navigation and multimedia functions via a 5-inch touch screen. The display also shows the parking assist sensors information on distance from obstacles.
Swing Radio
​The Swing radio is typical with its bespoke styling, which tastefully complies to the dashboard design. One of its many handy features is speed volume control. When driving at high speeds, the volume increases automatically and returns to the original level after you slow down.
Onboard computer
The central multifunctional display (MFD) shows various trip computer functions, e.g. current time, gear change recommendation, trip computer, odometer (daily and total), fuel consumption, etc. With this display, fuel gauge is digital, and temperature of engine coolant is indicated by special icon within speedometer.
Maxi DOT display for onboard computer
The central Maxi DOT display keeps the driver informed of various trip computer functions, outside temperature, current time and the distance travelled (daily and total). It also allows to adjust some of the car‘s settings. With this display, amount of fuel in tank and temperature of engine coolant are indicated by analogue gauges.
MDI allows you to easily play music from external device (MP3 player, cell phone, etc.) in your car. The connected device is conveniently controlled via built-in ŠKODA radio or navigation system. Connecting cables with the iPod, iPhone, mini USB or USB are available from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories.

Safety Features

​The ŠKODA Fabia is about safety without compromise. Following features are available as a standard or option for the ŠKODA‘s small family car:
The Fabia‘s rigid body can be fitted with up to 6 airbags. The passengers can rely on complex protection provided in case of accident. The head airbags create a wall when activated to protect passengers in both the front and rear from potential head injuries.
Isofix anchoring points on the rear seats ensure better mounting of the child seats in the vehicle and provide its better
attachment to the car’s body. This is important for safety in case of a crash. Further anchoring points in the luggage
compartment can be used for fixing the child seat by the TopTether system.
ESC, or Electronic Stability Control, helps the driver to handle critical situations, when the car is getting into the skid.
The control unit constantly compares current data about the driving behaviour of the vehicle with the pre-set
values. If the values do not match, the control unit gives command to stabilize the vehicle.
ABS keeps the wheels from locking during emergency braking or when braking
on slippery surfaces.
MSR counters the locking action of the driving wheels which can occur
when the driver decelerates on a smooth surface.
ASR ensures smooth starting and acceleration without the wheels
spinning on slippery surfaces.
Tyre pressure control keeps the driver informed about tyre pressure
at all times.
By increasing the braking pressure, the braking assistant helps drivers
in situations in which emergency braking is necessary. This can lead to a significant
reduction in required braking distance.
The optional hill-hold control assistant helps drivers start uphill safely. The system activates
itself on inclines of five per cent or more and ensures easy and safe uphill starting without the use
of the hand brake. The system keeps the car from rolling backwards or stalling.
High quality, rigid body structure is the essence of safety in all types of crashes. To achieve high durability
of the monocoque, extremely strong materials were used, especially around the passenger area, where only minimal
deformations are allowed. Front and rear part of the vehicle provide maximum energy absorption during crash. Special
engine mounts prevent its intrusion to the passenger area. In case of heavy impact, the engine slides under the passenger area, where it doesn’t endanger anyone.
Projector halogen headlights can swivel into turns. The swivelling mechanism is controlled electronically to optimally illuminate the bends. Fog lamps with the cornering function bring several advantages. At night they light up the space where you are about to turn with your car. They can help you reveal otherwise hardly visible obstacles including boarder stones.