Sustainability at Škoda Auto means economic and social development in line with ecosystems capacities and the preservation of biodiversity for present and future generations. Our strategy is based on the social, economic and environmental pillars. These pillars include the CSR strategy, the GreenFuture environmental strategy and the principles of ethical and transparent behavior.


Environmental responsibility is part of Škoda Auto’s strategy. We strive to offer cars that are not only safe, practical and comfortable, but also environmentally friendly, to our customers. Throughout development, we endeavor to minimize fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, using the most advanced technologies available.

Social Sustainability

Our Social sustainability strategy and activities are inspired by Corporate Shared Value (CSV) principles, focusing on education, mobility, volunteering and employee engagement, well-being and diversity.


Škoda Auto wants to be perceived by its employees, business partners, all its customers and the public as a successful, yet transparent company acting in accordance with applicable legal regulations, ethical standards and integrity principles.

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